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Копирайтинг: Триггеры (Appendix A - Recommended Reading)

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А за эти книги я головой ручаюсь. И считаю, что они должны быть в настолькой библиотеке каждого уважающего себя копирайтера :)


Appendix A - Recommended Reading

Reading a number of books on a variety of subjects prepares you to become a good
salesperson and helps you avoid many of the mistakes others have made. That’s one of the
benefits you have realized from reading Triggers. Many other people in selling and
marketing industries have also written books that might be helpful to you. By reading other
perspectives, you can further your education and avoid costly errors that many before you
have made. I wish I had read many of them earlier in my career.

How to Sell Anything to Anybody, Joe Girard. The world’s greatest salesman shares his
secrets on how he made a fortune selling cars in Detroit. The book details how he
eventually was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having sold the most cars
in one year. An interesting read and some valuable insights from a friend and powerful
salesman. ISBN 0-446-38532-8. Warner Books. 192 pages.

Sales Magic, Steve Bryant. Bryant is one of QVC’s top show hosts and a master at selling.
Here he talks about his proven techniques for selling that will give you new insights on what
works and why. Here’s your chance to increase your sales dramatically through many of the
techniques this popular and effective salesman shares with you. I’ve personally seen him
use many of these techniques on QVC in the sale of BluBlocker sunglasses. ISBN
0-936262-24-9. Amherst Media. 152 pages.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D. A great book for
understanding the tools of influence at work in today’s marketplace. Cialdini takes us
through a journey exploring some of the very subtle ways to influence a customer, a loved
one or even the mass market with many of the techniques he’s tested and personally used.
A consultant to many Fortune 500 companies, Cialdini offers insights that will amplify your
sales knowledge. ISBN 0-688-12816-5. Quill. 325 pages.

Confessions of an Advertising Man, David Ogilvy. I read this classic when I first started
my career in advertising in the ’60s and it has been an influence ever since. Ogilvy strongly
believed in the disciplines direct marketers utilized to ply their craft. Much of his knowledge
and wisdom was acquired from being a student of direct marketing. As a brilliant adman he
created great advertising for such clients as Rolls-Royce, Sears, Campbell’s Soup and IBM.
He was also responsible for creating campaigns for the governments of Britain, France and
the United States. ISBN 0-8442-3711-6. NTC/Contemporary. 170 pages.

Selling the Invisible, Harry Beckwith. This is a field guide to modern marketing with many
of the principles applying to direct marketing. A really down-to-earth, practical guide on how
markets work and how prospects think. Beckwith presents hundreds of quick, practical and
easy-to-read strategies with most no more than a page long. An eye-opener to new ideas in
the critical area of marketing. ISBN 0-446-52094-2. Warner Books. 252 pages.

Success Forces, Joseph Sugarman. A book I wrote in 1980 about those forces that drive
you closer to success and those that draw you towards failure. Knowing the forces and
controlling them is the goal of any successful person and this book describes how to do it.
The first part of the book is autobiographical and the last half contains the basis of the
Success Forces concept. No longer available from bookstores but may be found at some
libraries. Soon to be updated and reprinted. ISBN 0-8092-7061-7. Contemporary Books.
215 pages.

How to Master the Art of Selling, Tom Hopkins. This excellent book has become a classic
on selling. Turn to any chapter and you’ll get excellent techniques in how to make a sale. It
is the perfect complement to Triggers. The book is very technique oriented and is helpful to
the beginner as well as the experienced professional. Paperback. ISBN 0446386367.
Warner Books. 300 pages.

Selling Dangerously, Elmer Wheeler. I referred to this book in the chapter on creating a
sense of urgency. Wheeler uses the premise that sometimes it takes a dramatic, almost
dangerous approach to closing a sale when it looks like the sale isn’t going to be made.
Although this 1956 book is out of print, it may be found in libraries or in used book stores
and can give you some interesting approaches in closing sales. (No ISBN number)
Prentice-Hall, Inc. 160 pages.

Successful Selling with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Joseph O’Connor and
Robin Prior
. How to use the techniques of NLP in the sales process. This book is no longer
in print, but I did pick up a copy in London in 1995, so there may be plenty of copies around.
If you can’t get one, try O’Connor’s other books on NLP including Introducing
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ISBN 1855383446). NLP is fast becoming a common tool in
a salesperson’s arsenal and its understanding and use may help you. ISBN 0-7225-2978-3.
HarperCollins. 230 pages.

How to Sell Yourself, Joe Girard. It is especially important for sales professionals to sell
themselves. This book helps, with tips on everything from ending procrastination to advice
on developing worksite strategies. As one of America’s top salesmen, Girard reveals
important sales secrets on how to develop the fundamental skills and winning character
traits that make other people notice just how much you have to offer them. ISBN
0-446-38501-8. Warner Books. 350 pages.

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